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50% Of iPhone Users Don’t Know The Model Of Phone They Use, Survey Reveals

You will be surprised that half of iPhone users don’t even know the model of phone that they are using. Yup, a survey has shown that 50% of iPhone users aren’t familiar with their Apple smartphone.

The survey which was carried out by tech resale and refurbishment site Declutrr (via iDropNews) in the US on about 2,000 smartphone users, revealed that many iPhone users couldn’t name the model of device that they owned

According to the survey, those who own a flagship Samsung Galaxy device are more likely to know the model of device they own that an iPhone user.

For iPhone users, only 44% of those asked knew that they owned an iPhone XR or an iPhone 7. About 45.9% knew that they owned an iPhone 8, 51% knew that they had an iPhone X and 57% knew they had an iPhone XS.

On the other hand, about 57.64% of Samsung Galaxy S7 users knew the model of phone they had, 58.43% of Galaxy S8 users knew and 71.32% of Galaxy S9+ users knew the model of phone that they were using.

The survey also found that more than 50% of Americans had upgraded to a new phone with the last year. 31% of the people that upgraded said they bought a new phone because the last broke. 26% said they wanted a faster device.

43% of the people that upgraded paid $500 or more for a new device, while 85% said that the phone they bought was worth the amount they paid for it.

On users knowledge on 5G, the survey found out that many Americans aren’t aware what 5G really is, with many claiming that they have a 5G phone and also have noticed an improvement in their mobile service while using their non-existent 5G network.

The telecom company that is also contributing to this confusion is AT&T and its 5G Evolution network. AT&T’s 5G Evolution is a 4G LTE-Advanced network that uses technology like 4 X 4 MIMO to increase the number of connections between its cell sites and compatible phones.

Now, AT&T customers who have a compatible device will see a 5G E icon in their status bar when connected to this network. This gives them the impression that they are connected to a 5G network which isn’t true at all.

The only 5G capable phones in the markets are the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G which is available on Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint), the Moto Z3 and Moto Z4 on Verizon which comes with the 5G Moto Mod accessory. Apple hasn’t released a 5G capable iPhone yet, though it plans to do that next year (2020).

Another part of the survey said that about 40% of Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 owners knew that their phone supported wireless charging. 14% owners of the iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone XS were aware that their phone had NFC capabilities, while 50% knew that their phone was water resistant.

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