How Much You Can Earn As a Cyber Security Engineer

What is even unimaginable is the fact that every 10 minutes, there is cyber-crime such as malware, spoofing of emails, breaching of data. Internet connectivity enables hackers to access computers and commits cyber-crimes. That explains why most companies are seeking to hire cyber security information analysts. Considering the services the company receives; cyber security engineer salary is always high. Five to six figures, to be precise!

Who is a Cyber-Security Engineer?

A cyber security engineer is a person who, through his software engineering knowledge, develops policies to enhance security, investigate and track cyber breaches, and mitigate vulnerabilities.  In addition, they respond to the cybersecurity concerns that may arise. They are tasked with designing and implementation of security systems to culminate vulnerability.

Nonetheless, one needs to undertake a cyber security course to attain this knowledge and offer top services when hired.

Education Level Necessary for Cyber Security Job

Cyber security needs vary depending on the company you are working with. The inability to know the kind of company that will hire you after your course creates a necessity for equipping yourself with much knowledge to fit in almost any area of a cyber-security.

That is why it is necessary to undertake the course required to attain the right knowledge to fit for any cyber security job.

Here is the level of education necessary for this job:

Associate Degree: Some companies may need prior experience plus an associate degree in a course that relates to computer science or just computer science. It will take you two years to finish this level. Usually, this is entry-level.

Bachelor’s Degree: Well, organizations that are seeking to hire security engineers need somebody with a 4-year bachelor’s degree in Information security or security engineering. More so, employers may request to see certifications to prove that you have all they need.

Master’s Degree: Having completed your bachelor’s degree, you may wish to advance your education to earn more. With a master’s degree, you will have advanced knowledge that qualifies you for higher pay. Nonetheless, this level needs you to dedicate much time to your course since it is a complex level.

Why is Cyber Security the Need of the Hour?

Everyday advancement in technology results in new ways of hacking into systems to access crucial information. In fact, hackers have the ability to access accounts of both individuals to those of the top companies such as Amazon and Netflix.

Once they access the account they want, some of the crimes they may do include:

  1. Stealing Of Identity

Most hackers will try to protect their identity when they are accessing your account or the company’s account. They will, therefore, try to use somebody else’s name, email address, image, and credit card, among others.

As a result, some other people will be accused of doing something that they actually know nothing about. Still, in some cases, some people will use another person’s identity to obtain some goods or services. In most cases, they will use the identity of someone who has a high authority and with a good reputation.

  1. Phishing

Phishing is prevalent in cases where a fraudster wants to collect a company’s information or an individual’s data. So, you will receive an email or a message requesting you to click a link that will direct you to a spurious site. Next, you will be asked to give your personal information.

Without your knowledge that the owners of the site are fraudsters, you will enter sensitive information that they will use to either mess-up with your website or reputation.

  1. Malware

The realization that a business or company is thriving causes a mix of reactions to different people. Some will consider it as a threat and seek ways to cause interference to the normal operations of the company’s systems.

They will, therefore, create software which will cause damage to the computer systems and the data therein.

Such programs include Ransomware, spyware, viruses, and Trojan horses.

  1. IT Theft Loss

Both small and big companies have lost money through IT theft loss. Hackers maliciously try to access computer systems to transfer some cash from the company’s computers to their personal accounts.

They may also authorize a transaction in the name of the company or an individual so as to successfully receive the money they need. In addition, they may authorize payment of certain goods or services.

  1. Email Spoofing

A fraudulent may want to reach out to a certain accompany to get vital information. They will, therefore, use an email address of a particular company or individual to reach out to another company or business so as to get crucial data.

They may also use the emails to infect the computer of the other party if the recipient clicks on the given link.

Salary Trends across Countries

Well, cyber security engineers get different salaries depending on the country they are based in, their level of experience, and the company they are working with. Nonetheless, it is crucial to note that cyber security engineer salary trends can go up any time since the demand for cyber security is high.

Well, with all this information, you may wonder how much you should expect to be paid after you have completed the cyber security course.

Approximately, here’s what you should expect to earn based on the factors above:

Country Approximately
USA $90,500
UK £55,700
London £76, 746
Canada £87,241
Spain €30,051
Germany £71,400
Netherlands €63,966
France €39,996
Italy $70,000
India ₹523,000
South Africa R253,112
Brazil R$98,424
Bangladesh $71,999
Benin $90,120
Australia $128,834
China $129,847
Ethiopia $114,440


Like we have said, several things determine how much you will earn as a cyber security engineer. Of course, the main one is your skill and experience. You must have enough expertise and knowledge to make good money regardless of the country you are based in. That clearly means that having a course is a must.

You should also know that in 2018 and 2019, cyber security engineer ranked top in demand. Not only that, but job postings are actually more than the available cyber security personnel. That clearly states that you join the working class as soon as you are through with your course. Indeed, that’s great news.

Do you have to wait any longer?


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