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40 Scam-Free Online Proofreading Jobs For Beginners


Proofreading is one of the best freelance sides hustles that most stay-at-home mothers and online entrepreneurs have used to attain financial freedom.

In this post, I will share 40 companies you can find high-paying online proofreading jobs for beginners that will help you to make extra cash online working part-time during your spare time.

However, you must remember that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme because it takes patience and consistent handwork to make money online.

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What is Proofreading?

In simple words, a proofreader reads a document word for word with the goal of correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting and sentence structure errors or mistakes forgotten during editing.

Proofreading Vs. Editing

Proofreading is often confused with editing, but they are different. Yes, they have several similarities, such as both have the same goal of perfecting a document. Also, both are activities that take place during the writing process.

Editing is a more in-depth process because it also corrects clarity of ideas, the coherence of thoughts and organization of ideas. On the other hand, proofreading is less detailed because it aims to look for vocabulary, grammar, spelling and punctuation error which might have been during the editing process.

Another difference is that editing takes place before proofreading, which is usually the last step in the writing process.

To cut a long story short, we can conclude that proofreading is not the same as editing. The two complement each other since their end goal is the same.

How to Get Started with Finding Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners

An easy way to get started on finding highly paid proofreading jobs and building a successful career is through learning from the experts.

For example, Caitlin Pyle from is one six-figure proofreader who teaches how to make money from home with remote proofreading jobs. Getting online proofreading jobs for beginners will not be easy, especially when you are just starting. In that case, you need mentors like Pyle who will shorten your learning curve.

Luckily, if you do not have money to pay for her courses, you can take her FREE proofreading workshop that will teach you some basics you do not know right now.

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Proofreaders Pay & Salary

How much you earn in any freelance career or online part time side hustle depends on your skills, expertise, experience, type of project and clients you are working with.

For example, as a beginner proofreader, you will earn around $10 per hour. As you continue to find better clients and get more experience you can easily make more than $30 per hour.

On a rough estimate, proofreaders make around $36,000 per year according to these two reports; Glassdoor and Bureau of Labor statistics.

Therefore, you can easily make money online with this side hustle as long as you work toward getting highly paid projects.

Must Have Skills to Make Money with Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners

Reading: If you do not have a passion for words or if you lack the patience of reading long texts, then proofreading is not for you. After all, you can only sharpen your proofreading skills through reading books, articles, manuscripts and any other form of writing a lot.

Attention to Details: Proofreading is the process of finding tiny errors which are not easily noticed and those that escape the attention of an editor. In that case, you must pay close attention to small details to identify such errors.

Impeccable Grammar & English: Proofreaders look for grammar, formatting and punctuation mistakes. To identify such errors, you must understand all grammar rules and also know your language well.

Spelling: You cannot proofread errors in a document if you cannot notice spelling errors and inconsistencies which might exist.

Education Background: Most proofreading companies and sites where you can find work will require you to have a degree or any other relevant training. There is always an exception if you do not have this as long as you’re proofreading skills, expertise and experience are unquestionable.

Computer & Digital Skills: You will be using lots of computer programs and online platforms in your proofreading career.

Knowledge for proofreading marks: In proofreading, every error or mistake has a symbol or notation for representing it which you must know.

Patience and more Patience: To find tiny often ignored errors especially in long dissertations requires patience. In some case, you might even need to read through the document more than once.

40 Sites, Companies & Marketplaces to find Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners


1. Fiverr: This is a very popular market place where clients post all types of freelance projects including those related to proofreading. Those projects are commonly known as ‘gig’ and the pay is from $5 and above.

2. Flexjobs: This is a job listing site where fresh remote and work from home jobs are posted on a daily basis. There are many telecommuting proofreading jobs in this site all high paying.

3. MyPerfectResume: This site is always hiring writers and proofreaders who are ready to help people to writing their perfect resume that can land them any job.

4. EditFast: Clients who are known as Patrons submit jobs in this site then the admins award those proofreading projects to registered proofreaders. In that case, you must register, submit your resume and get approved before you begin finding online proofreading jobs for beginners in this site.

5. Gramlee: This Company will pay you $12 to $20 per hour for simple proofreading services. Their projects are urgent, and most must be completed within 24 hours. They work with clients who need grammar checks, formatting edits, spelling check among other proofreading services for dissertations, essays, whitepapers, and other projects.

6. ProofreadingServices.Com: Before you can begin making money in this site, you must pass the simple 20-minute screening test. One upside of this site is that they have many projects meaning you can get a chance even when you are a complete beginner.

7. Kelly Network Connect: This is a staffing agency where Individuals, brands, and businesses advertise jobs in all fields including proofreading. They have been in business for more than 70 years and serves more than 200 clients globally which means they have multiple positions. All you have to do is submit a resume, and you shall get a notification when a new job listing matching your qualifications is posted.

8. Kibin: This is a company which focuses on offering copyediting, proofreading and grammar checks to clients with scholarly projects, such as essays, dissertations, and white papers. They pay their editors $15-$25 plus other bonuses. The more your experience and credibility increases, you can rise to $50 per hour.

9. Scribendi: This is one of the largest community of freelance proofreaders with over 400 professionals since it was established in 1997. The downside of this site is that you must have a university degree, three years editing/proofreading experience and a native English speaker to get online proofreading jobs for beginners in these sites. The only reason their screening process is that strict is they have many high paying gigs.

10. ProofreadingPal: This is another place to find highly paid proofreading gig which can help you to make around $500 to $3000 per month. However, you must complete their questionnaire for your application to be considered.

11. Upwork: This a platform which brings together clients and freelancers. Once you complete your profile and get approved, you will be able to submit proposals on proofreading projects posted by clients. If a client accepts your proposal you must complete the work within the deadline and meet all the requirements to get paid.

12. Wordvice: This is an international company operating in more than six countries globally. They specialize in projects from medical institutions and laboratories. Apart from proofreaders, they also hire writers, developers, and marketers among other freelancers. The downside is that they a rigorous screening process because you must have a degree or enrolled in similar programs and must have a minimum of 2 years of editing experience.

13. Proofread Now: This Company is not always hiring, but they announce open positions seasonally from time to time. You can submit your email, and a notification will be sent when a job opens. Also, you can bookmark this site for future references. The downside is that they only hire experts so you must pass the hard editing screening tests and must have at least five years’ experience.

14. Editor World: They are currently proofreaders with a bachelor’s degree, editing experience, and a native English speaker. You must pass the initial screening tests to get accepted. All the hustle is worth it because the pay is decent.

15. Domainite: This is one of the best sites to find online proofreading jobs for beginners because they hire people without experience. Once you earn enough cash, you shall get paid through Paypal weekly.

16. SmartBrief: This company is always hiring proofreaders and editors who can give such services to clients in the following industries; finance, business, education, food & beverage, healthcare, marketing, retail, technology, and energy among others. They have multiple entry-level home based proofreading jobs.

Survey Junkie: Earn up to $50 per survey in this site. It is 100% free to sign up. Find out more here.

Swagbucks: Get $5 sign up bonus, and also make more than $1000 in this site as explained in this post.

Zippy Loan: This site will give an unsecured personal loan up to $15,000 even if you have a bad credit record as explained in this post. You can invest that loan into one of these business ideas.

VIPKID: Earn $22 tutoring kids online and also get a $300 sign up bonus.

Ebates: Earn up 40% cashback on things you shop from your favorite stores, such as Amazon, eBay and Macy’s among others.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile App: This app will pay you $50 among other prizes when you install, use and keep it active in your phone. Find other 50 money making apps in this post.

Fiverr: Earn $5 and above per gig in this marketplace with projects on writing, editing, design, data entry, translation, web development and programming among other fields.


17. Scribbr:You must be a native English speaker to find a proofreading job on this site. They work with more than 400 editors and proofreaders from the United States, Australia, and other countries. You must be fluent in one of these languages; English, Germany, French, Italian, and Spanish to find a job on this site.

18. Sibia Proofreading: Finding a proofreading job in this site is not easy because they are always hiring science experts and they clearly say that they give people with a Ph.D. degree the priority.

19. Cactus Communications: A site for people with a medical background or lots of experience in editing documents for that field, then you can find a high paying gig in this site. There have many other bonuses and rewards for people who continue to deliver high-quality work consistently.

20. Scribe Media: Formerly known Book in a Box, Scribe is a company that is always hiring freelance proofreaders who want to make money from home during their spare time. After the rebranding, the company has received multiple positive reviews, which means it’s one of the best places to look for a job.

21. Wordy: You do not need any expertise experience or qualifications to get a proofreading or editing job on this site. All you have to do is meet the minimum requirements and possess the right skills and experience.

22. Lionbridge: You must at least have a high school diploma or its equivalent to be accepted for a job in this site. Apart from proofreaders, they also hire raters, reviewers and judges among other freelancing job positions.

23. Polished Paper: This is one of the best sites to find proofreading jobs. You will be required to submit a well-updated resume and also complete your online profile before being accepted. They also have a screening test with 35 questions which you must pass before being allowed as a proofreader or editor.

24. Kirkus Media: The application process is very simple because all you have to do is submit your resume and work samples to the editor then they will get back to you within 3 to 5 business days for next steps. They only post open positions regularly which means you must bookmark this site and check for gigs later. Apart from hiring proofreaders they also hire for other roles. For example, they are currently hiring reviewers and book authors.

25. BabbleType: Apart from proofreaders, this site is always hiring talented translators and transcriptionists who want to make money during their spare time. The advantage of working on this site is that you get paid weekly, get a chance to work from home and also experience a flexible working schedule.

26. English Trackers: This site has an active job board where fresh proofreading and editing jobs are posted daily. You can also join their mailing list to get an update every time a new job listing is posted.

27. Indeed: This is a very popular job site where individuals, businesses and brands are always posting new freelance or in office jobs every day. You should bookmark this site and check daily for any new listing. You can also subscribe to their mailing list so that you receive an email notification every time a new job which matches your resume specifications is posted.

28. Managed Editing: This Company is always hiring freelance and work from home proofreaders who can work independently remotely with minimum supervision. To apply, you will need to fill their application form, submit a resume and also pass all the screening tests.

29. eCorrectors: This site is well known for having highly paid translation jobs. The good news is that you can also find entry-level proofreading jobs which accept beginners without much experience. All you have to do is submit your resume, samples and application letter to the email of the editor.

30. Prompt: Unlike most other companies which have around for a longer time, this one is fairly new in the game, but that does not mean that they do not have multiple gigs. The reason why they are known is that they are offering exceptional services.

Other Sites to Find Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners

31. Words RU

32. American Journal Experts

33. IXL Learning

34. Edit 911

35. Enago

36. Grammar Chic

37. Resume Edge

38. Craiglist

39. Truelancer

40. Pure Content

Other Freelancing Work from Home Careers to Explore

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Transcription: Transcription is the process of converting recordings into text. This is mostly done for people with hearing complications or those who are too busy to listen to the audio.

Scoping: Scopists work together with court reports to edit court transcripts.

Tutoring: Virtual tutors earn more than $12 per hour, which is a decent pay than that offered by most jobs in traditional business setups. Find more information here.

Virtual Assistance: Virtual assistants provide administrative, technical, social and creative assistance to individuals and businesses. They make around $12-$100 per hour depending on the services you offer, amount of experience and level of expertise.

Bookkeeping: Bookkeepers perform several tasks, such as managing accounts payable/receivable, overseeing payroll, monitoring budgets, filing reports, maintaining ledgers and managing purchase orders among other duties.

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